About me!

Hello there, I am Tracy Baker! 

I am a Florida-native who lives to travel, bake (and eat all things sweet), snorkel and bask in the sun at the beach, explore new places, and do anything crafty or hands on. I am an amateur photographer (in that I have had a camera my entire life) and enjoy taking thousands of pictures for a few really great ones! I have been taking pictures, collecting ticket stubs and brochures, and scrapbooking my explorations since I was a child. In addition to my favorite hobbies, I have always been dedicated to learning, after earning a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology I decided to attend graduate school, and earned a master’s degree in Educational Psychology, and a M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership. I am currently an Assistant Professor at a local University.

In a nutshell: Traveler. Baker. Foodie. Educator. Ph.D. Friend. Life-long learner.

Posing at the Château de Fougères, Fougères, France in 2018.

So how did I come to start a blog? Questions like these piqued my interest: “I am going to Chicago next month, do you have a list?”  “Hey, we’ll be in Minneapolis for the weekend, what are the must-dos?”  “I haven’t been to Key West before, can I have your itinerary?” I receive requests like this for my lists after every trip; so after a conversation with a student asking how I manage my life (I guess I seem like I have my act together?) I started thinking.  She wanted to know how I managed a full time job while attaining a Ph.D. How I meal prep my lunches every week and, the most fun question, how do I organize my extremely detailed vacation itineraries?  After this conversation and years of contemplation, in 2019 I took the plunge and started writing down ideas for a new blog. What should I write about? Should it be about my life in academia? Travel?  Baking, meal-prep, and home renovations? Then I decided, why choose one when I can talk about it all? Thinking of my love of travel (especially by airplane) and my go-to souvenir I get from every place I visit (postcards), Postcards and Airplanes was established as a way to share my experiences and explorations with friends, with a majority of my posts dedicated to travel. 

Well, that’s about it, that’s how I developed Postcards and Airplanes! I hope my experiences and stories help you navigate (or spark an interest in) your next trip, and that you enjoy these stories (almost) as much as I enjoyed experiencing them! 

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